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Welcome to the Rewarding Career of Shaklee

This handbook was designed to provide you with some basic information that will be important to you as a Shaklee Pprofessional.  Welcome!  We are excited to have you on our team!

ACTIVATE SHAKLEE MEMBER CENTERWhen you become a Shaklee member, you will have access to the Shaklee Member Center.  This is a valuable website.  Go to to activate your member account.  Click on the link to activate account.  The following screen will come up with this message: Please enter the Activation key you received in your Activation email.  Click the tab and follow the steps.  You will then receive an activation email with an activation number key.  Go back to website, click activate account and follow steps to reset your password.  You will use this website as your back office for ordering products, obtaining great product information, tracking your down line members, their contact information, along with other information.

DOWNLOAD THE SHAKLEE CONNECT APP: Another valuable tool for using while on the go with your smart phone or IPAD. This app let's you stay connected with your business while enjoying life!

HOW TO SPONSOR NEW SHAKLEE MEMBERS:  Otain this information from your new member:    Name & Address   /  Phone number  /  Email address  /   CC#

The simplest way to sponsor is on the home page of your Shaklee page and click on "Sponsor Someone" or on the Shaklee Connect App that will walk you through everything needed.
New Member Application can be printed at www.member.shaklee click on library to find.

You have 4 options to register your new member:

1.  Call in application (1-800-742-5533) then mail in the Complete Membership application form within 30 days
2.  *BEST OPTIONRegister member online Click Sponsor Someone. 

3.  Contact Shaklee Sponsor with new member information for them to complete.   
4.  Fax in completed Shaklee membership form to 1-888-745-4329

1.  By phone:  1-800-742-5533. 1-800-Shaklee  Monday - Friday from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm eastern time.  Follow prompts on phone to reach right department.  Have your Shaklee ID# and item codes of your desired products ready.
2.  Online at Shaklee Member
Log on to the member center to order your Shaklee Products online 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Log on with your Shaklee ID# and password.
3.  Autoship Program:  You can have your favorite products delivered to your home every month with this automatic-ordering feature.  Start today by logging on to the Member Center or calling 1-800-742-5533 to set this up.  This system is designed for busy people - moms qualify!  Plus, it's not rigid; orders can be changed or stopped anytime!  Choose the day of the month you want products shipped.  A notice will be sent via email 7 days prior to shipping products.  Leave it alone and the same products that shipped last month will arrive this month - or - modify the order by adding or deleting products as needs change prior to ship date


Product Distribution:  All members place their own orders to Shaklee with ID# and pay by Credit Card or Debit Card.  Shaklee is responsible for paperwork, payment processing, packaging and shipping.  No inventory, paperwork or delivery is required on your end!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:  All products come with a no-risk, 100% guarantee policy.  If for any reason you are not happy with a product, call 1-800-Shaklee.  Keep the purchase order to provide the order number and date product was ordered, along with the product container to return.  Products are guaranteed for 6 months and must be returned in that time-frame. 

Shaklee Hotline News CD.  This is a great monthly podcast to keep you in the loop with vital business and science information directly from Shaklee Corporation. 

- Address:  Shaklee Corporation, U.S., 4747 Willow Rd, Pleasanton, CA 94588
- Shaklee Order Entry Line:  1-800-742-5533     (M-F: 6-7;  Saturday's: 7-4 pacific time)
- Shaklee Field Support:  1-925-734-3636  (9am - 8pm EST)
-                     Dr. McManus email:


MY CONTACT INFORMATION:  Annette Reeder, 14172 Gordons Lane, Glen Allen, Virginia, 23059

Home:  804-798-6565   Cell:  804-314-1676       Email:

UPGRADE YOUR HOME & EARN AN INCOME:  When you replace items in your home with Shaklee's, you will have higher quality items and be able to reach others easier.  You're already purchasing them every month.  You may not realize how much you're already spending - unlike phone service, these items are hidden.  Challenge yourself to go through your home - make notes of supplements, personal care, cleaning, air / water filters, and replace them as they run out.  You already buy them every month.
You have the best - the most clinically researched, safest, most natural items available, bar none!  As in any business, the more you know about your business and industry, the more you're paid to use your own products.  When you teach others to do the same, your residuals will grow each month. 

What price do you pay for your products?  Everyone who joins Shaklee starts paying the member price.  As a distributor your orders plus those of your group qualify for a BONUS Check.

500 PV including your 100 PV = 8% BONUS

1000 PV including your 100 PV = 12 % BONUS

1500 PV including your 100 PV = 14% BONUS

All bonuses are in addition to the other BONUS programs!

Promote yourself to DIRECTOR and receive 20% BONUS + Pricing Differential, start buying at Director Pricing and save big time!

I suggest getting there quickly to earn and save!

DOWNLOAD THE DREAM PLAN (in right column) and then call Annette (804-798-6565) to review. The better you understand the rewards with Shaklee the quicker you will earn.

Shaklee Pricing Structure:  There's a 3 tier price structure. 
Here's some info on who pays what and how you qualify to receive lowest price possible:
SRP:  Suggest Retail Price.  Charged to non-members, typically those who want to pay retail prefer not to take advantage of the Shaklee benefits
MN:  Member price.  Price members pay upon joining Shaklee, which is 15% off SRP
DN:  Director price.  Price for all Directors and above

PV - Point Value or Product Value.  Not a price, its points earned when products are purchased.  PV is used for qualification for commission checks, rank levels, and leadership bonuses.

Shaklee Pays MANY Ways:

Commissions on PV: you are paid from 4% to 34% bonus on the Product Volume (PV) you move monthly

Profit Margin on sale of products - you are paid a profit margin on products you sell monthly (Director and above)

Success Bonuses - for every Mission Pak sold under you Shaklee pays you an upfront bonus anywhere from $50 - $125 for sharing Shaklee Income Opportunity with others and helping them change the world one person at a time.

Leadership Bonuses

Car Bonuses

Travel Bonuses

Sponsoring Bonuses

Infinity Bonuses


TOOLS - use these recorded calls and websites to learn more and share with others:


Training center designed to teach Shaklee distributors about their unique product lines and income opportunity.  All Shaklee Distributors will go through this on-line training program.

User ID:  freedom
Password:  project

This website has all of the product video's from the Presenting the Shaklee Products DVD.  This is an easy way to share with others so they can learn more about the unique Shaklee products.

Click on ?Member'

Enter Password:  apple

This is a valuable source of information on nutritional products and specific health conditions.  Martha's experience and knowledge is incredible.  You don't need to be an expert - you only need to know where to find the information!

On home page click on second link that says "CLICK HERE to listen to Health Calls.  Then click on ?Product Calls'.  There are 10 recorded calls to listen to on various health conditions.

Click on top icon ?Audio/Docs' - Scroll down to bottom of this page and you will see 20 recorded calls on specific health topics.  Plus you can click around this site and find tons of other recorded information and documents.  This is a veteran Shaklee Distributor that has created this website as an easy way to share all of this valuable information with others.  Just make sure you don't send a new customer to this site before they have joined your group incase they would get confused and join Lori's group instead.  I share this site with you for information purposes and to help those who want to learn as much as they can.  It may be for you or it may be too much and that is ok.    



Here are some special Conference calls that are held weekly for you to learn more about either Shaklee Products or Shaklee Business.  Try to tap into these calls as they work into your schedule to learn more and feel free to share them with others.

MONDAY . 2 different calls available

8:00 PM Central - Business Call  

616-712-8000    pin 501793#

This call is a business presentation, testimonies & more from Shaklee people

8:00 PM Central - Product Discovery Call

712-775-7000            pin 1042374#

This call covers a different Shaklee product each week by Master Coordinator Mary Jo


Can't make the live call, not to worry as they are archived on the computer at:

login:  shaklee  (lowercase)        password:  shaklee   (lowercase)

There will be the list of call that have been recorded for you to listen to over the computer

8:30 PM Central      Jim Burke Team Business Call

1-319-279-1000        pin 31731#

Jim Burke use to be a cancer researcher at Mayo Clinic.  He is the top earner in Shaklee and has an explosive way of sharing Shaklee with others.  He holds a 30 minute team call and will share his way of looking at Shaklee and the incredible opportunity it has to offer all. 


For those people who want to know more -  Shaklee Official Websites and Recorded Calls


Start to share your new business with your friends - by hosting a Shaklee Grand Opening Event in your home:

I like to recommend that you send a "Dear Friend" letter that is designed to introduce your new business to friends and family.  You can either mail it or send an email.  Here is an example of one you could use, change to fit your style or develop your own:

It is best to call everyone first and tell them about your event and then on  the call say ." I wanted to let you know that I am sending you an invitation to our Grand Opening...We are going to have it on two different days to best meet your schedule.   Can you come -------- or --------?  Great, I will call you again to remind you as it gets closer."

Dear Friend Letter - or Email:

Hi!  I wanted to share some exciting news with you.  I have just joined the Shaklee Corporation as an independent distributor.  Shaklee has been in business for over 50 years, they are well-respected in the medical community and it's even been featured on the Oprah show, as one of her favorite things!  .

The Shaklee products are very unique and the part I like the best is that all of their products are 100% guaranteed.  Which means you can try any of their products and if you are not satisfied you get to return them for a full refund.  That gives me a lot of confidence to share them with others.  Plus the credibility of this company just blew me away! 

You can learn more about the different Shaklee product lines by visiting my website at: 

I am having a Shaklee Expo at my house on  ___________.  I would love to have you join us and feel free to bring a friend.  I want everyone to know there is no obligation to buy, sell or join; this is just a great way for me to introduce my new business to others.

I will call you in a few days to answer any of your questions and to see if you can make it to my event.

Talk to you soon, ___________



This is a valuable part of your business, plus it can be a lot of fun.  The following is an outline of different type of activities you can do to promote the Shaklee products to others.  You get to decide which ones fit your style the best.  You don't have to do all of them, just pick a few that appeal to you.  Some of these have to be done live . but we have a Plan B for you!  I have a webcast room where we can hold some of these events over the computer.  Everyone joins us in the same webcast room and we do the event over the computer.  This is great for people at a distance. 

Shaklee Bingo Parties
This is a great way to introduce Shaklee products to others that is fun, easy and informative.  You play 5 games of Shaklee bingo with a DVD commercial in between each game.  This will introduce the different product lines that Shaklee has to offer.  Whoever Bingo's gets a FREE Shaklee door prize. 

Shaklee Grand Opening / In-home Meeting
Invite your friends and family over to learn more about your new business.  Introduce them to the different products lines, do demo's to show the Shaklee difference and invite them to become either a customer of yours or join your team. 

Shaklee Product Fairs

Display the products and invite guests over to learn more about them.  They can touch, smell, taste and sample.  A great way to introduce others to the different Shaklee Product Lines.

Get the Clean on Dirt Parties
This is a great way to introduce the Shaklee cleaning products to others.  It is simple and non-invasive.  Everyone cleans their homes and we can now introduce them to a line of products that are safe for their families, their pets and the environment.  Not to mention that Oprah uses these cleaners and recommended them to her audience!  Plus, they are economical and save people money!!

Aging Gracefully . Nutrition for Your Skin Parties:
Invite friends to come over and experience the Enfuselle Skin Care line.  They can try the products out on their face - or you can do handcials as they learn how these products can help them 'Age Gracefully'.

Life Shake Taste Testing Events
So many people today are looking for a safe and effective weight loss program.  Invite them over to hear about Cinch, sample the products and learn some valuable tips.

Get Health - Nutrition Awareness
Getting healthy and gaining more energy does not have to be difficult, we just need to be educated.  These events introduce people to the basics of nutrition and why it is so beneficial to supplement our diets in today's world.  Then we introduce them to Vitalizer and the Landmark Study that only Shaklee has!

Shaklee Smart Investors Power Team Workshops

Hold one of these a month and watch your business grow.  Invite others to take a look at an income opportunity.  We will show them how they can create a supplemental income or a career income in a very fun, unique way! 

Shaklee Product Information Packs / or on-line Website DVD Presentations
Many people today are busy and just can't make time to get together for Shaklee events.  For them we put together Informational Packs with DVD's and basic information for them to view at home when they have the time.   

Newsletters - Mail and /or email.  After you have written your list of 100 names it is best to send out monthly newsletters.  In these newsletters tell everyone about your business, a little family news and then highlight a product.  It is best if you can include some testimonies that relate to the products being highlighted.  Newsletters can be mailed to your close and distance friends.  When you see that person the next time then they will bring up the subject and mention that they love getting your newsletters.  Then you can ask them what interested them the most?

            **Example of an invite you can use.






We believe that your home should be the safest place in the whole world.


If you are interested in cleaning your home without harmful chemicals, taking the

best quality Vitamins on the market, a Diet Plan that really works, or using Skin Care

products that nourish the skin . then this is the company for you.


AT ____________ PM TO LEARN MORE!  Can't wait to share with you!!




Do I have to purchase a certain amount of products each month?
No, as a member you don't have any requirements to purchase a set amount of products on a monthly basis.  However, to qualify for a monthly bonus you need to have 100 personal and 500 group points.  This will be easy as you change brands on the products you use in your home over to Shaklee brand.  When you use a 100 points per month and you have 6 others using 100 points in their home your products become 'free'.  You will NEVER have to purchase more than 100 points worth of products, no matter how big your check gets or what level you achieve.  The goal to get a check and get distributor pricing is 100 personal pv and 250 group.

How do I change my email address and/or phone number on my Shaklee account?

Go to and click on business and find your name.  There you can edit your information.

Can I simply sell  to a customer without doing the business?
Yes. Remember that we are all customers.  Some of us decide to earn an income by referring others to the changing brands concept and teaching them how to turn a monthly expense into an income.

Can someone purchase the products without being a member?
Yes, they can simple purchase retail from you.  When they call Shaklee to place an order they will use your Shaklee ID# with the letter DS at the end to indicate it is a direct sale. The price differential is then added to your bonus check. 

When does the company send out checks?
Checks are sent out on the 15th of any given month and are usually received by the 20th You will receive a detailed business report with your check.  You can also sign up for direct deposit and receive your money on the 15th of each month.  For checks smaller then $25 the company will not send a check until the accumulated amount is $25 or more.  To avoid not getting a check even if it is small it is best to sign up for direct deposit.



I think it is important for everyone to understand how the Shaklee Corporation came into existence and why this company's philosophy is so unique. 

                                                     The Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee Story  (1894 - 1985)

Forrest C. Shaklee was born in November 1894 in Carlisle, Iowa.  The midwife immediately diagnosed tuberculosis.  Doctors later concurred.  The only treatment for tuberculosis at that time was good food, fresh air, and lots of rest.  The family moved from the soot and smoke of the Carlisle coal mine to northern Iowa.

Most of Shaklee's childhood was spent convalescing.  On sunny days he could be found outdoors observing nature.  "Animals listen to the voice of nature", he said, "While men have forgotten how".  As a teenager, his doctors were satisfied that the tuberculosis was arrested, but he was frail in comparison to others his age.  He began to exercise and study the relationship between the health of the body, general vitality, intelligence and good nutrition.  His philosophy became one of the active, positive thinking.

Shaklee read and was influenced by Bernard MacFadden's teaching that "drugs often mask the symptom, without curing the disease".  Forrest knew from years of observing nature that he wanted to treat people on a natural basis.  He was very interested in the growing science of chiropractic care.

Shaklee enrolled in the Palmer School of Chiropractic where B.J. Palmer was at the helm.  While at Palmer, he saw many patients who were undernourished and overfed.  He believed poor nutrition could be a contributing cause of disease.  He then vowed to always be conscious of the importance of diet in maintaining health.

As Dr. Shaklee began his new practice he became more interested in the field of nutrition.  He read everything he could and corresponded with biochemists and other scientists doing ground-breaking research in the field. 

In 1917 Dr. Shaklee moved to Fort Dodge, Iowa and opened a facility that incorporated various specialties of medicine.  In addition to a 15 bed sanitarium, the offices contained 32 treatment rooms.  He hired not only chiropractors, but osteopaths, internists, general practitioners and surgeons.  Dr. Shaklee kept his patients on vitamin-rich diets and the clinic soon became busy and prosperous.

In addition to serving as administrator of his clinic, Dr. Shaklee spent a great deal of time in the new field of X-ray diagnosis.  The hazards of excessive exposure were not fully known at that time.  In 1921 he was concerned about severe ulcerating burns on his left hip and left shoulder.  Dr. Shaklee consulted a cancer specialist in Chicago who determined it was cancer.  It was hoped that carcinoma would be halted if his left arm and left leg were amputated.

The diagnosis was confirmed at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.  He was a bright young doctor with a wife and one son, and another child on the way.  Faced with the promise of a short life as an amputee, he pondered his future.

"I will live! I will live!", he told his wife.  "I know I can do it!"  With no other choice, he bet his life on the healing power of nature.  Within a few weeks he sold the clinic and began an intensive program of nutrition, continual blood analysis, and occasional fasting.  He ate only the freshest fruits and vegetables and supplemented his diet with large quantities of vitamins and minerals.

Initially, the ulcerated sores showed no signs of improvement.  However, he was certain that his healing depended on his positive mental attitude, and on supplying his body with the proper nutrients.

By the end of 1922, the sores began to heal and were being replaced by healthy tissue.  His strength and energy also returned.  He was alive, his limbs intact and more convinced than ever that his ideas on nutrition were absolutely sound.  Healthy cells had defeated carcinogenic cells.  He was now more certain than ever that good nutrition could help other people as well.

In 1922, he once again opened a clinic and his formulations for food supplements were packaged and dispensed to patients.  In 1929 the clinic burned down.  All records were lost.  Everything burned except an inspirational book by Elbert Hubbard called "Little Journeys".  One passage in the book stood out above all others and it reads, "When all else is destroyed, only the product of the mind exists".

Dr. Shaklee was ordained as a minister in the Church of Christ in Mason City, Iowa.  He had previously received his Doctor of Divinity degree and his sermons were widely attended.  He was involved as well in the ground-breaking research leading, among other things, to the invention of a then-revolutionary form of synthetic rubber.  His research activities let to contact with some of the great men of his day, including Thomas Edison and Henry Ford.

Despite his many interests, Dr. Shaklee decided to devote his efforts to nutritional research.  He focused on building good health rather than treating sick patients.  He moved his family to Eugene, Oregon and later to Oakland, California.  In addition to ongoing research Shaklee lectured to capacity crowds and gained two more degrees; Professor of Chiropractic and Doctor of Naturopathy.  In 1935 he taught biochemistry at the California Chiropractic College.

In 1943, Dr. Shaklee retired from active practice and in 1945 began writing a series of articles on the mind's influence on an individual's health and well-being.  His philosophy and lifelong belief was in the power of nature.  He spent much time on the lecture circuit and many were broadcast by radio stations in San Francisco and Oakland, California.

In the fall of 1955, Dr. Shaklee, age 62, told his two sons that he wanted to do something that would affect the public's growing interest in nutrition.  He wanted to start a business to distribute food supplements.  On April 1, 1956, six months later, the Shaklee Corporation opened its doors.  At the time, America believed itself to be the best fed nation in the world.  Every potential customer would have to be educated before he would become a customer.  Dr. Shaklee told his sons, "We'll teach some and they'll teach others".  The rest is history.

With research, science, devotion and lot of hard work, the three Shaklee's turned a good idea - the direct selling of wellness and other related products - into a phenomenal success.  The company originated and was powered by one man's belief in nature and thoughtsmanship. 

Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee was a doctor, minister, philosopher, businessman, entrepreneur, pioneer, author and inventor.  Definitely a man before his time!  His legacy lives on with us...


The heart and soul of any company is the values that drive it.  As you just read, Dr. Shaklee had some deep values that still lives on today with Roger Barnett and Shaklee!  It is important to align yourself with a company that represents your own personal values.  Thank you for choosing Shaklee.  This is a company that will not let you down. 

I would like to explain to you why Shaklee is so unique and the philosophy behind this company.  These values are becoming more important in today's world and that is why Shaklee is really being noticed right now.

Dr. Shaklee felt very strongly that nature holds the key to good health.  He understood that the plants God created were extraordinary in their ability to create life because of all the phytochemicals they contained.  These phytochemicals are extremely important in helping promote and sustain health.  Dr. Shaklee knew this, researched it, proved it to be true and built his company around that idea. 

Equally as important was the fact that not only did Dr. Shaklee know how important nature was to our health but he believed that it was our job to take care of nature and protect it.  He pioneered this back in 1960 when he developed the first ever biodegradable, environmentally friendly all-purpose household cleaner. 

That is why you will see everything Shaklee creates to be environmentally safe.  Shaklee's cleaning line, laundry line, our personal care line, etc.  Shaklee walks the talk better than any other company today and will continue to do that into the future.

That is the Shaklee philosophy and it is important for you to understand that is what makes Shaklee tick and what makes Shaklee so very special. 

Be kind to nature it holds the key to your health!