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Back To Basics Boot Camp

Amare leader Annette Reeder believes in equipping her team to succeed. A piece of that equipping is challenging their thinking and daily activities on a regular basis to help them reach their goals. Annette uses resources that expand beliefs in ourselves and ability to earn in an effort to help her team and the Shaklee field move forward faster!

Join us for  the first Back to Basics Boot Camp coming __________. This is a unique event designed to really challenge your thinking and help you grow in leadership!

The Back to Basics Bootcamp agenda will focus on:

  • Developing Coordinators and Sr. Coordinators on your team

  • How to do a Personal Business Analysis

  • Learning Key Growth Indicators

  • Writing out your 6 month goals

  • A deeper dive into the Comp Plan

  • Expanding your dream

  • The importance of Prospecting

The event will be limited to 100 attendees. Be watching for the next event!